Some interesting considerations from the Daily Bell´s Anthony Wile: People are gradually losing faith in a whole slew of elite promotions that were once intended to shape the way people worked and behaved. Global warming, the war on terror and certainly central banking itself have all increasingly come under attack. People, informed by the ‘net, just don´t believe anymore.

The elites themselves are in increasing disarray as knowledge of elite manipulations permeates throughout society. Leaders who might have been tempted to go along with elite machinations are now finding in some cases the apparent courage to speak up.

Just today we read in the UK Telegraph about a criticism of central banking from no less than a top German banker! Here´s how the article begins: “Debt crisis: central bank action is work of the devil, says Germany´s Jens Weidmann … The head of Germany´s Bundesbank has raised eyebrows across Europe after he appeared to compare Mario Draghi´s bond buying program with the devil´s work.”

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