“The important thing is to not stop questioning.”

~ Albert Einstein, 1879-1955

Another quarter passed by and here we are with our newest Outlook Report. We have chosen three topics, which perfectly fit with Albert Einstein’s quote. Especially today it is of utmost importance not to stop questioning things and to look behind the scenes.

Soon you will hear about GDP growth in the United States as well as Europe. In my editorial you will find out how this is possible even without any real growth.

Next we summarize the “Case for Gold” with a short review of the developments of the past months and show that the big picture remains unchanged despite the recent volatility in the gold price.

Additionally, we dive into history by looking at the “Ten Commandments of Communism” put forth by Karl Marx in his communist manifesto. It is astonishing, or better said extremely worrying, to see how close our “free capitalistic” societies are to communism.

Lastly, you will find a short analysis of our view of the future in the section “Our Scenarios,” see last page of the report.

Download the Global Gold Outlook Report (pdf)

Some of you might have seen our recent video, which we launched on July 21st. Within the first 4 days, almost 20 000 people have already watched it. The feedback we received so far has turned this initiative into a real success story.

The main reason why we created this video was to introduce our current monetary system to a broader audience with the aim to awaken their interest in fundamental questions, such as our current system. Astonishingly more than 90% of all the viewers are between 40 and 55 years old, not quite what we expected. We hope that also teenagers will discover our video. If you like our video please forward it to friends and family who you think might be interested. This is the hyperlink:

Micro-documentary: How our Monetary System Works and Fails

We hope you will find this information useful, and we look forward to hearing your comments and feedback.

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