To understand the basic problems, the moral and economic issues, of continuous QE policies and currency debasement, watch this YouTube interview with Nassim Taleb on Bloomberg TV. He compares the FED’s policy very visually with a ketchup bottle that you shake and shake. Nothing comes out at first. It’s ‘risk-free’. So you shake harder, when suddenly the ketchup splashes out, across your plate, your table, and you’re your face…

Ben Bernanke and the FED do not understand risk! Or, worded differently, they are not telling the truth about the risks such policies entail. Moreover, those who are benefitting from the FED’s policies and who are enriched by their ‘quasi-risk-free’ financial maneuvers will not be punished for the risk-taking if things go wrong. It will be the savers, the retirees, and future generations shackled by excessive debt and financial waste.

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