We are pleased to share an excerpt from an exclusive interview Ron Holland did with The Daily Bell´s Anthony Wile. Ron´s comments on Switzerland and gold are of particular interest. A link to the entire interview follows this excerpt.

Daily Bell: Are we going to see Europe´s social discontent happening here?

Ron Holland: Yes. As in Europe, the social discontent here will come from higher taxes, reduced benefits and extreme austerity measures designed to steal our savings, government and private retirement benefits and our remaining gold and wealth. Of course, none of this will likely begin until after the January inauguration.

Personally, I don´t think we´ve seen even the real beginning of social or political discontent in Europe. I believe it will directly impact the PIIGS as well as wealthy Germany far more than what we´ve seen so far. Eventually, the German people will get tired of bailing out German, French and Anglo-American banking interests and other European nations and say, “Enough is enough.” This is when the sh*t will hit the fan. I think Germany may exit the EU far earlier than some other countries in southern Europe.

Switzerland, by not foolishly joining the EU or the euro, will be the only nation in Europe to likely escape the turmoil. Of course, Switzerland didn´t join because, with their confederation direct democracy style of government, the voters wouldn´t allow their politicians to join.

Two points I would like to add about Switzerland: First, they have the best government structure designed to meet the needs for our new 21st century environment, which should be copied by nations around the world. Second, although I believe Switzerland will certainly escape the internal strife that will get far worse across Europe, they have their own unique risks from criminal gangs as the economy worsens in neighboring countries.

Recent press reports show Switzerland expanding its number of military police units in case the coming EU collapse threatens their national borders. A close look at European history would suggest this threat should be the least of their concerns.

This island of security and safety in a collapsing Europe has approximately 7,000 tons of gold stored both privately and as government reserves. This is approximately 8 percent of the 85,000 tons of gold in the world held as bars and coins; the other 50 percent is mainly jewelry. Add to this the trillions in financial wealth held in and managed from Switzerland and you have a very tempting target for public criminal gangs (governments, central banks and politicians) to want to get their hands on.

I´m not saying Germany, Italy, France or the United States and UK will threaten or actually invade Switzerland, I´m just saying desperate political leaders and financial elites in times of economic crisis have done this hundreds of times over the last couple of centuries.

Here is a list of Major Wars & Conflicts Just In the 20th Century. You might notice how many times Switzerland´s neighbors and the United States have been involved in these conflicts while Switzerland has remained armed but at peace. Still, 8 percent of the non-jewelry gold in the world would be a tempting target and most threats of aggression by nations have been for far less.

It´s just something to consider. I hope Switzerland decides not just to increase military police battalions but also to modernize and increase its defensive military capability. I have a fictional essay coming out in a few weeks about how such a military aggression, although unlikely, could happen in the future.

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