From the Spellman Report: In the days following the election there was a numbing silence. It was as if the body politic was dazed by a heavyweight champion’s blow to the head. It staggered and sought clarity to understand what is to become of our future. Even the 24/7 financial market/economic blogosphere went silent in contemplation. If there were any doubts, as the first order of business by Friday of election week, the president asserted that the election was a referendum revealing that Americans want taxes to increase for the wealthiest citizens but not anyone below the $250,000 income level. In his words, “Nobody — not Republicans, not Democrats — wants taxes to go up for folks making under $250,000,” he proclaimed. The definition of the bad guys has hardened.

While a very good case can be made for all taxpayers to pay more, apparently the imperative to redistribute income was more important than the goal of growing jobs and the economy or containing the fiscal deficits.

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